I have had a special interest in photography all of my life. Beginning as a boy of 9 years, my first photo adventure began with our 2 ½ month vacation to Europe in 1963. Shots included many colorful landscapes throughout Europe (especially liked Holland – so beautiful!), swans in London’s Hyde Park and shots of many interesting buildings.

In 1971 my father and I became certified scuba divers and I immediately struck up a great interest in underwater photography. My dad and I made many trips to tropical waters such as Israel’s red sea and Mexico’s golf of California.

About 1975 I began touring the National Parks via my motorcycle with camera in hand and thus the beginning of my landscape and nature photography. I have now photographed every major western National Park in the continental U.S. (also several in the central and eastern states) as well as several in Alaska and Hawaii. I have been going back to and photographing these beautiful places over and over, ever since.

Good photography takes patience, persistence and proper composition. I truly enjoy my work and also take my work seriously. I strive for the very best in my images and I hope that those viewing my site will enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature as seen by my eyes.

I use all Canon cameras and lenses. Cameras - from the professional Canon F1 early on, to the Canon EOS 1 professional 35mm auto focus film in 1989 to the professional Canon EOS 1 digital series now. My lenses are all Canon professional L series.

My pursuit of nature’s beauty continues………